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  • I can’t believe I didn’t think of converting my garage into an office sooner – I get so much more work done now I have my own space.

    Steve, Loughborough

  • My kids love their new playroom, my living room is finally free of toys!

    Kate, Mansfield

  • I’ve finally got what I’ve always dreamed of, my very own home cinema and somewhere to watch the footie in peace.

    Graham, West Bridgford

Make Your Garage Gorgeous

Maximise your ground floor living space by converting your garage into another lounge, children’s playroom or make your existing kitchen bigger.

It’s amazing what people use their garages for! 9 out of ten homes no longer use their garage to store their car but as a storage area for old furniture, forgotten fitness equipment and old tins of paint! RJH can help you convert this space into another lounge, a children’s' play-room, a larger kitchen, home cinema, gym or office.

During your first appointment with RJH we will discuss your requirements and help you establish the best way to maximise your garage space. We will check the site for things like drainage runs and floor levels. We will take accurate measurements to identify all of the important considerations and build them into the design.

Some helpful tips to help you get started with your garage conversion:

  • It is important for your garage conversion to flow seamlessly with the rest of the house. Garages are often on a different level to the rest of the house so it is important to tackle any areas such as differing floor and roof levels.
  • In 90 per cent of garage conversions the existing garage door is removed and if necessary a new concrete lintel will need to be installed for the foundations of your new wall.
  • A new external wall may need to be created and this should be done with bricks which match your home as closely as possible.
  • If matching bricks becomes a problem, a good solution is to create a large window that will create some wow factor as well as solving the problem of matching materials.
  • Your garage is unlikely to have any heating so you will need to give this careful consideration as well as insulating walls and ceilings to make your space usable all year round.
  • You may need to apply for planning permission, although most garage conversions you can do under the permitted development rules if you are not in a conservation area.
  • As with all building projects all works must comply with the Building Regulations. RJH will ensure all work is inspected and approved.
  • There are different types of garage conversions and RJH will help you choose the right one for your home. See our glossary for more information or if you have any questions please do not hesitate to give us a call.