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  • My children are delighted to no longer be sharing a room, it makes such a difference to them having their own space.

    Louise, Mum of Two, Belper

  • Not only is their work outstanding but they are polite, discrete and clear up after themselves – bonus!

    Sarah, Nottingham

  • It's great to just get up and not have to queue to use my own bathroom!

    Mike, Dad with two
    teenage daughters,


In line conversion

The existing roof space is converted by adding rooflights into the slope of the roof and insulating and fitting out the space.

Dormer Conversion

A roof space is enlarged by adding dormer windows, usually at the back and sides, but sometimes at the front. This creates a larger area with full headroom.

Gable to gable conversion

A roof that slopes on three or more sides is known as a hipped roof and may have limited space for a conversion. One or more of the hips can be removed, the end wall built up to form a gable, and the roof extended over it, creating a larger area with full headroom.

Structural conversion

The whole roof is replaced with a steeper pitched roof, such as a mansard roof, effectively adding a new storey.

Lowering ceilings

In some places, such as conservation areas, the roof height can’t be raised, so the only way to increase the headroom in the loft is to reduce the ceiling heights in the floor below. This is expensive but can make sense in some higher value areas.